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Slime Care

We pour in the utmost love, care, and joy when it comes to the process of all our creations, and it is our hope that they would be appreciated the way they were intended. It is our hope that your playtime brings you as much stress relief and joy as we had making them.

If You are a First Time Slimer
We fully recommend purchasing a bottle of activator from our website. It definitely elevates the experience.

Before Playing with the Slimes
Prep your hands by spritzing some activator on your hands before handling the slime. Start by lightly touching the surface of the slime in the jar. If it still appears sticky, more activator is called for.

If the Slime is Sticky
Keep spritzing more activator on the slime itself and slowly mix the slime. This is the process of “reactivating” the slime to get it to an ideal consistency.

To Store Your Slime
Keep your slimes in a cool area, away from direct sunlight and warm spaces, as heat would accelerate the deactivating process. To make the slimes last longer, you can place them in the refrigerator.

If Your Slime is Hard
It is highly possible that your slime is overactivated. To soften it, you can either leave it for a day or two and come back to it and check, or try placing the jar of slime in some hot water to warm it up. The likelihood is that it will soften and be more playable.

Overplayed Slimes
In the event that its condition does not change, the slime is most likely overplayed, which is caused by the dehydration of moisture within the slime. One way to tell is if the volume of slime has shrunk from its original size. To attempt to revive it, you can try mixing some newly made slime to the original jar.